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Tailored solar power generation system to every household needs.

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Heat pumps

Compare all brands in one place.

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Fast and reliable maintenance

Order the arrival date of the technician online.

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Charging stations

For fast and safe charging of the electric car.

Why us

Automation by technology

We BOOST the market capacity of every country we enter! Our SaaS platform makes life easier for technicians enabling them to be 2-3 times more productive and manage their business end-2-end which increases their capacity while shortening the installation times immensely.

As a result, the whole process of clean energy devices adoption is massively accelerated.

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Our team

People behind Woltair

The Woltair team currently consists of 240 photovoltaic and heat pump experts and 200 external Woltair partners who have successfully completed a total of 1,905 installations in 2022.

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Vít Javůrek


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Daniel Helcl


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Karel Náprstek

Technical expert, Co-founder


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