13th April 2024

Impressive First Quarter 2023 Results

Impressive First Quarter 2023 Results

Nearly 600 orders fulfilled, revenues exceeding 6.3 million euros, and a significant increase in NPS. This is how the first quarter of 2023 at Woltair can be summarized.

Sales Department Evolution to Enhance Sales Representatives' Efficiency

Throughout Q1 2023, we sold 416 orders totaling 6.3 million euros. These figures are comparable to the same period last year. March proved to be the most successful month, with 158 orders sold, amounting to 2.4 million euros, the highest in the past four months.

However, our ambitions were even higher. Therefore, in the latter half of the quarter, we initiated a substantial transformation of the Sales Department. We streamlined the organizational structure and introduced the W-board, a new tool for managing business orders. This tool will expedite and streamline the work of our salespeople, facilitating communication with customers and the rest of the company.

Simultaneously, we established a new team, the Learning & Training team, responsible for developmental activities and training for sales representatives, ranging from newcomers to top-level senior staff. Alongside our Woltair Academy, this is another means of systematically educating our employees and external partners.

599 orders fulfilled with acceleration in March

We install heat pumps and photovoltaics within 30 working days, while the market average stands at around six months. Consequently, in the first quarter, we successfully fulfilled 599 orders, surpassing our plan by over 105 %. March witnessed a record-breaking number of installations, with over 250 completed, surpassing our previous record of 202 installations in November 2022.

Customer satisfaction is also on the rise

After several months of average NPS scores, we achieved an excellent score of 49.4 during the first quarter. We received evaluations from 166 customers, and we are delighted that our hard work and process optimization throughout the company have paid off, particularly in the area most important to us—customer satisfaction.