We build on 4 strategic pillars

Delight customers

Great customer experience with reliable and high quality delivery, digitally-supported end-to-end + after-sales care (extended guarantees, financing intermediation, insurance, …

We boost technicians productivity

Taking non-productive burdens away from technicians by equipping them with a tool to buy all material in 1 place, manage orders, scheduling, dispatching, billing in one application.

We build carbon-free installed base

Installing the largest carbon-free portfolio of residential assets to contribute to the decarbonization in Europe and build foundation for their future needs in terms of energy optimization, maintenance and replacement.

We create pillars of future utility

We're installing decentralized energy sources as a basis for future decentralized utility - we collect the production and consumption data to optimize flows and inform decentralized grid flows based on AI and ML mechanisms.

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We create the next generation standard of clean energy in every household

We delight consumers
We boost technicians productivity
We build carbon-free installed base
We create pillars of future utility

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